Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lordy... I keep trying to get on here to post, and Christmas stuff keeps getting in the way. I expect everyone is just as busy as me right now though, so I doubt my lack of blogging has been noticed! I honestly could do with twice as much time... and I'd still be behind I reckon. There have been a couple of scrapping things I really wanted to do, like enter Becky Fleck's Dec sketch comp, and some blog challenges but time slipped away and I missed them. I had also planned to do the photo a day on Scrapforums throughout December... but I missed that too... no point trying to catch up now. Shame though, I really wanted to do that. Still, at least I'm getting somewhere with my cards and presents, though no where near finished... HELP - I get panicky just thinking about it all!

Got an entertainer coming in today at work, and it was the Christmas quiz yesterday - that was a great laugh. Then on Thursday my lovely peeps have their Christmas party.... and that's me finished til the following Wednesday (though Carlos is trying to talk me into taking next weds and thurs off too, to be at home with him... hmmm decisions decisions...what shall I do?).

Vinnie is off to the theatre in London today with his Drama class at school - I always worry when the kids go off anywhere like that, but I do hope he has a great time all the same. I feel terribly sorry for whoever gets the seat behind him tho - Many spikes in the hair today... he looks like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Lucas Rossi. I just hope they are v-e-r-y t-a-l-l whoever they are... Or they've got no chance ;-)
That's it for now folks! Have a fabby day, jk x x x


Paula said...

Well I miss you girlie!!
i know what you mean. I have been up to my eyes making things for other people & no time for myself. The wedding album is complete & last night i made a stat on a UKS weeky challenge. The mum gave me the go ahead to use the photo & it will land on my blog by teatime today.It is fab to have made me something for a change!!!

ali said...

Dearest Jakey-
have a brilliant festive season-and god bless for creating speacial times for all your 'peeps'..Happy christmas love-have a blast!

domestic goddess said...

have a wonderful christmas, and stuff will get done, it always does

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