Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fender Bender

To complete my poor daughter's recent run of bad luck, yesterday some idiot ran into her from behind. She was heading through the crossroads in town, going for her and the baby's six week check, and she noticed to her right some incident being attended by fire-cars and police - a RTA of some kind - but she drove past ignoring it, and stopped a few yards further on for a red light. The woman behind however, chose to rubber neck, failed to see Donna - understandable perhaps, as she was only driving an enormous people carrier... and slammed into the back of her crunching up the rear so badly that she can't even open the boot to get the pram out!

The woman was driving a fiesta and her car had to be towed away - a complete write off.

Donna and Tildy are ok, but Don's very shaken, and pretty upset as the baby screamed blue murder and she was obviously terrified she'd been hurt. Fortunately the police came and assured Donz that the accident was entirely the other party's fault, but her car's a total mess, which she's gutted about, she's sore and stiff as hell from the whiplash... And worse than that, she's now haunted by the thought of what might have happened if anyone had still been on the crossing when she was pushed forward from the impact...

Poor kid.... it's just one thing after another for her lately. I really hope this is it now and she has a great Christmas, and a better new year.

But why can't people just be more careful on the roads? Eh?


Sprogpaws said...

Oh no, what a shame. :( Glad to hear they are both OK, if a little shaken up - what a scary thing to happen. I slid on greasy roads a few years ago and went into the back of the car in front, and I think I was in more of a state than her!! The police told me later that it was a renowned problem spot, and the weather conditions that day had caused numerous accidents, but it shook me up something rotten. Then just over a year ago hubby wrote off my fiesta when a 93 year old woman pulled out straight in front of him from a junction. Had he been in his Mondeo she probably wouldn't have made it, as it was she only had a chip to her hipbone. So let's just be thankful that the car that went into her was a little one too! What a shame, though, and especially at this time of year when we all have enough stress in our lives already.

Good luck with the DT call - will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Paula said...

Poor girl she really is having a rough time of it. Still this should be the end now. Makes you wanna wrap her in cotton wool!!!

Anonymous said...


Blimey.... Send my love to Donna and family. Hope she's felling better now and everything will be sorted soon.

Thinking of you all!!!

Ruth XXX

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