Monday, December 11, 2006

We had a lovely morning yesterday up at the Garden Centre. They've done it up so beautifully this year....the lights and decorations were fantastic and there was a Brass Band playing carols so it was quite festive as well as pretty.
Jazz bought some little cottage ornaments that light up to take home with her to Lanzarote, and I toyed with the idea of a set of snowmen lights to go across the mantlepiece ... they're really gorgeous and twinkly, but quite expensive, so i'll have to see how the money goes I think - and anyway - it'll give me a good excuse to go back for another look and a little browse round 'Craftability' while I'm there eh? ;-)

I was actually quite restrained in the craft shop, but I couldn't resist some clear button stamps by Hampton Arts, some Alphaletterz by ProvoCraft and some Christina Cole Stand-Outs, which were shockingly overpriced.... but irresistable. The other bits i got was a reduced stamp - 99p! maya rd ribbon, PP's (obviously) matching card, and one set of rubon's. I was looking for a particular giant punch too, but they didn't have it so my search continues. I know I've seen it somewhere!

The little one's loved the reindeers, but it was very crowded so I never got any great photo's, and I'm hoping Jazz got some good pics on her camera when they visited Father Christmas as I couldn't handle the crush and missed it altogether. We'll have a look later when they get home from visiting Erks family in Essex.

Have a fabby day today - less than a fortnight to go now! Anyone getting excited? Lol!!!


Anonymous said...


So wish I went to the Garden centre with you all, looks great. I've spent all morning looking at your blog and think it's fantastic!!!! Not sure my boss is to happy with me tho, but never mind, it was worth the telling off.

Take care


Paula said...

Bless, what a lovely day you had. I hope Jazz has some good pics for you.
Excited, oh boy I am... I got my Big Shot this morning from the Craafty Devils, those you told me about. Got it for £69.99 plus some dies to "play" with. To top it all, Im published in SBI on the letters page, so yup crimble come early here!!!

Anam said...

cool :) you've got my favourite song playing... thats christmas to me :)

what punch you after? i can bring it back with me from here

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