Saturday, November 04, 2006

You too?

Ok - hands up... who else does this?

I 'm an absolute terror for not washing my brushes, foam applicator pads.... or stamps.

I always mean to, but i just get so carried away with what i'm doing that before I know it, everything's dry and crusty and only fit for the bin. I must spend a fortune buying more every couple of weeks. Thank God they're not dear - I ususally only buy cheapo Wilkos/The Works jobbies... but even so, it all adds up. Stamps are not so bad - you can still get paint/ink off even after it's dried, even brushes can occasionally be saved, but those foam things - nah! You let that dry and you've had it.... when I try to get it off i always end up pulling chunks out of the foam - why can't I just trot to the bathroom and wash it off at the time? I suppose it's because I get on a roll.. ususally by the time the paint pots come out on a project, i'm well stuck in - heaven knows i need no distractions - by the time I've gone and washed them off, partially dried them, placed them across the towel I use (if i do remember to wash them) the moment's passed and I've lost momentum.

Please tell me i'm not alone here - am I the only sloppy scrapper on the planet?


Paula said...

No Jake, as the famous phrase are not alone!!!!!!!!!!
totally wasteful but hey, we girls are creative we haven't time for menial tasks like!

amber jane said...

No you are not alone hun I am such a messy scrapper it is not funny :)

Anonymous said...

My foam brushes also have big chunks pulled off them too :)
Jane (Brods)

Anam_Kihaku said...

youa re nto alone... i figure on a jam jar big one - like form pasta suace thats taller than the brushes - i put washing up liquid in it and just shove the bruishes into it - screw the lid back on so i get to wash them later...

Suzanne said...

oh yes that is me all right!

I buy the hummungous car sponges now from Wilkos for 69p or some such daft price and just pull little chunks off to throw away.

I definitely live in a disposable world!

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