Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Christmas card!

We got our first Christmas card today..... from Snapfish of all places! lol!

Now, I'm not saying I'm a great customer or anything, but I do order a fair few photos from them, and got a lovely delivery today, complete with loads of piccies of Matilda, lots of Ruben, some of Sollo and Izzy in their halloween outfits, and a couple of other general stuff. I had 2 8x10's (one was a freebie) and the rest mainly 7x5, as that's what I usually scrap with.

Haven't had it yet but we usually get a card - and a calendar! ;-) - from the Indian restaurant too.... you can see where our money goes, eh? And when my middle DD stil lived at home we'd get one from the local taxi firm!!!! Lally would get a cab to the end of the garden those days!

As for me - I haven't even started to think about cards yet, let alone buying them, writing them or posting them. And please don't anyone expect handmade from me. For some reason people are always surprised to learn that I've never made a card in my life! I wouldn't know where to start :-)
I always think I might like to have a go... but that's as far as it goes. I think I did try to make Dolly one last year... but i'm pretty certain the card that actually landed on her mat came from Oxfam - not my own fair hands!


Anam_Kihaku said...

heheheh i have to get mine inthe post by friday to make it to the uk etc by christmas which means i have 2 days to do them !! when we lived inthe uk we had a card from the indian when they found out we were moving ... that should tell you something!

Irene said...

Hey - I insist on a handmade card!!!! And handmade by you too.

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