Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Apologies for ignoring my blog the last few days - but what a busy time the run up to Christmas is!

I have so much to do at work, what with fine tuning all the arrangements for the Christmas program of activities, fundraising to pay for it all, and trying to keep everyone busy and occupied at the same time, that I haven't a minute to spare. My table top sale did well the other day. I hadn't had time to make any craft items, which I did do last year, but we had a lots of stuff donated and we managed to scrape enough in to pay for at least one entertainer, so that's one less thing to worry about now. Plus I usually get some raffle gifts and monies donated by families, and it all helps stretch the budget.

I've organised so many things this year, the poor old dears won't have time to think about being lonely or sad throughout the season... well, I hope not anyway. Christmas is a wonderful time, of course. But also a time when we think of families all together round the tree... and for lots of my peeps, well unfortunatley, that just doesn't happen. So, I throw everything I have into it, and try and keep them involved and make sure we have something to look forward to everyday. What else can you do?

On the home front, I have my dd, son in law, and grandson arriving on Sunday night for 10 days, so busy times ahead for me all round.

I hope you are all enjoying the run up to Christmas, are not too stressed, and are managing to find a little time to yourselves {personally i've given up on the last one this year! ;-) }.

Until next time then - Chrizzy hugs and miztletoe kizzes!
jk xx


Paula said...

Well I sincerely hope when I get old, someone like you cares for me.
I can imagine the look of excitement on their faces it must be worth more to you tahn any money in the world to see happiness & know you caused it. Xmas is after all a time for giving & back in the old days money was far too tight for gifts, it was food & love...
Can you imagine telling the world Sorry folks no more pressies, just love this xmas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think of the Karma missy! Just joking - I know you do it for love really hehe!!


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