Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Freecycling it

Been a busy bee today - Freecycling.

If you've never heard of it, get involved soon... it's a fantastic way of getting rid of things you can't bear to throw away; doing your bit for the environment by keeping good stuff out of landfills; and helping someone else out at the same time.

I understand it was originally set up in Oregon, USA, but quickly spread to the rest of America, and from there to Europe, Australia, Canada - and is still going. I bet there's a local group in your area - check it out :-)

You join up for free, post your preferrences - daily digest, individual emails or read on the site, and see what's on offer. You'd be very surprised at the things people want to give away. But that is just the thing - you must give the stuff away - you cannot charge and no one should attempt to charge you either.

So, back in the summer I nabbed myself a Butlers sink for the garden, and a sewing machine for work. I've also given loads away, including 4 Adult education City and Guilds course books today, a set of 14 how my body works videos, a complete part works art course, all my old Midwifery text books, a boys coat, a pair of boots and a mirror!

And the clearout continues!

1 comment:

Sprogpaws said...

Oooh, Jake, I've just been dribbling over your layouts, they are indescribably lush! All of a sudden my inferiority complex has kicked back in!! Will definitely have to come back for inspiration and mojo enhancement! :D

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