Friday, November 17, 2006

You think it's never going to happen to you....

So, our fantastic shopping trip and reunion was pretty much ruined today, by some skanky little bastard who tried to Rob my girls on the way home. Sorry to swear, but I can think of a LOT worse things to call this guy than that right now... I really can.

We'd had a lovely day. The kids have assembly on a Friday and as Hayley has no children of her own, she really loves to go along whenever she's in England to see them in school and take photo's and stuff which she then shares with Jazz in Lanza. She'd taken her brand new tiny camcorder and digi cam with her, and as a mass shopping trip was planned lots of spending money and cards etc too. Donna also had cash on her to buy Christmas presents and obviously, their phones, bags and whatever they needed for the day.

We did our shopping and had a nice lunch. Never stopped laughing all day, even though the heaven's opened on us and the sky turned black, we just trundled along with all our parcels and bags and headed for the car park. We reached Donna's people carrier first, and were joking about only just getting back before our tickets ran out. I hugged the girls goodbye, and me and Vin hurried off to look for our car, parked further away. It is a bit dark and gloomy in there and normally I'm wary, but today I was in a big rush. The bags were killing me, I really wanted to get out of the shocking weather, and get home before it got dark. The country lanes between Hemel and our hometown are a nightmare in the daytime - in the dark and with all sorts of flooding... Well, they'd be hellish, I knew.

I was aware of someone to my right, but paid him no mind. We quickly found the car and threw our stuff in and pealed out of there pdq.

Next thing, the kids are on the phone. Some guy - and Vin immediately knew it was the fella in the hoodie we'd seen - had opened up the door while they were struggling to get the pram inside, and tried to take their bags. Donna had run round but was too scared to challenge him. The poor kid's got a three week old baby with her, and two tiny kids at home! She said she thought he was going to stab her... He just stood there watching her and wouldn't move. She daren't talk to him and she daren't move away. Hayley was still trying to get the baby into the car and wasn't even aware of what was going on. Don said it felt like slow motion and she was certain he'd taken stuff and either thrown it under the next car or stashed it over the wall. But still she daren't confront him.

Eventually, some people came along and finally he sauntered off. The girls quickly scrabbled through their stuff and realised they'd just had a very very lucky escape. Caught him in the nick of time... but the next poor young Mum may not be so lucky.

What the hell is it with these assholes anyway? Never heard of WORK?

I am so angry. And their Dad is livid! I am also feeling quite quite sick with all the what if's running through my head.... You read about this stuff, you know? Some idiot with a knife - a split second of desperation - and a family broken forever.

Ladies - Please, PLEASE take care. We all throw our bags in the front seat... then run round the side and try and sort the kids/ buggy/ shopping out... we're busy, in a hurry, distracted.

Ideal targets.

But try and be aware. And if they look like they're gonna take it anyway - just let them.
It's only stuff. It can be replaced. You can't.


Anonymous said...

There are some thoughtless scum out there Jakey. So pleased the girls and babe were not physically hurt.
Jane (Brods)

Anonymous said...

oh thats too scary. I am always in a rush, and I chuck my bag in and usually even leave the door open!
I'll be on the lookout now though. Glad your 2 girls are ok jakey.

xx Lesley

Irene said...

Glad no one was physically hurt. You're right - we should all take extra care.

Dawn said...

Oh how awful this will really
shaken your girls up.
Iam glad nothing was stolen & no one was hurt but they will never forget.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jake, those poor girls...and poor you too! Hope that evil shite gets his come uppance...what goes around comes around ((hugs))

Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs to every one** some people are so desperate they will hrt others :( glad your girlies are ok but they will never feel safe again :(

domestic goddess said...

oh jakey how awful
hugs to all

Paula said...

How terrible. You just can't have anything these days.
I really believe it is true...people just don't care anymore, they don't seem to have a conscience. At least so few of us do it doesn't seem to count...

Paula said...

I´m sorry the girls had to go through that. {hugs}

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