Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ruben's 2 !!

Our gorgeous boy is 2!

Finally got the photo's sorted from his birthday. Jazz and Erk have had one of Erk's old schoolfriend's over from the mainland to visit with his wife and baby son, so they've been entertaining and not had a lot of time to send me much up to now.
Anyway - lots of piccies came yesterday!

I can't believe what a big boy he is... I sat here last night crying - just all a bit too much to take in really. I do love to see photos of him/them...but they always get me. I just wish we saw them more. Wish we could be all together out there... Who knows, maybe one day?

Wow! Drums - just like Daddy! And a new Truck!

Dad holds up the Dora the Explorer cake when Lala and uncle Dan came round

His birthday treat - A day out at Rancho Texas!
And a quick sit on his car mat to watch his new telly combi in his room before bed

Birthdays are SO exciting! Lol!


Anonymous said...

Aw bless, he's cute.He looks a lot like Ali did at that age.
I love his jammies

Caroline x

Paula said...

He really is a gorgeous little boy. No wonder you miss him/them so.
One day....

Suzanne said...

bless the little guy, love how his excitement is so apparent, especially playing the drums!

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