Friday, November 24, 2006

the waiting game...

Yay! At last my little order from AMLT has arrived....!!

It's my own fault it's taken so long because when I sent the order I forgot to ask Jill to upgrade my postage to a flat rate mailer - I won't make that mistake again. It's been weeks, and there's only a few bits there anyway, a couple of sets of stamps, and some other pretty odds and ends, but still!

I have had a few other exciting parcels arrive this week, but not stuff I can have right now. Mostly Christmas presents that family have told me to order and they'll pay for :-) So, not many surprises for me on the day, but at least this way I get exactly what I want :-)

I'm going to be stuck here in the house all day today coz I'm waiting on a delivery (by courier) of something that's going to make someone else around here very very happy - I hope!
Not sure the neighbours will be so pleased come 5.30 am Dec 25th... but I imagine they've become used to it over the years. From keyboards, to Karaoke machines to electric guitars they are now well used to our "sweet music" drifting through their wall...

That's how my dear elderly neighbour puts it....
"...Yes Vin, we hear your sweet music sometimes..."

Personally, I'd hardly call Black Sabbath at 400 decibels 'sweet music', but there's no accounting for taste, eh? Thank heaven's we have such lovely (deaf) neighbours!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hehehe... Glad I don't live next door to you's!

Melly x

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