Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas songs... which one's your favourite?

I love all things Christmas.... Don't you?

I love the songs... rustly wrapping paper...Christmas carols, the smells.... cinnamon and pine...the lights, mince pies, the twinkly stuff, the anticipation.... and the presents!

This year the guys are coming over early. They can't make Christmas itself, coz it's just not practical. They have jobs, family out there too... pets, committments... and a home - of their own.

But we're sort of going to be doing a bit of Christmas stuff while they're here, so I hope you'll excuse me getting myself in the mood by changing my blog music to something more seasonal...? Oh, Go on....... I know you lot! Any excuse to get in the spirit of it all :-)

I'm SO happy now, coz after a year of rotten luck, we've somehow managed to find the money to buy everyone the presents they want - and still have a bit to indulge ourselves :-) The house is still a tip - but with a bit of tinsel, and a few lights, I guess it'll do... it'll pass muster for a couple of weeks, anyway.

So, tell me - it's not too early... is it?

Have fun picking your own Christmas song and getting in the mood!

jk xx


Anonymous said...

Always liked this one too! Funny but I haven't heard any chridstmas songs in the shops yet, my fav is frosty the snowman tho ha ha


Janie said...

Bring it on! The sooner the better!

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