Monday, November 13, 2006

Next year?

Are any of you thinking about scrapping resolutions for next year... or not even scrapping resolutions, just life resolutions? I remember making some last year and I SO meant to follow them. But of course, I did not :(

However, i think this year may be different, coz i've already started thinking and acting on my new ideals... so you never know. It could work out?

My resolutions are few. And simple. They wouldn't be the thing for most people I'm sure, but I reckon there are several times in your life when you are just ripe for change - it's no good making plans if it's not one of those times coz it'll never work.... And similarly, even if you don't plan for it - if fate decides stuff's gonna happen... well, it's gonna happen, ready or not.

In another life I read runes, tarot cards and dice. I still have my tools but have never taken them out for years. Every time my daughters come home they ask me to read for them but I never do. I may just hook them out this week. I feel the winds of change around me. I feel myself being drawn back into esoteric life. I am so liking having time to think about other things... and meddle and play like I used to.
Any horoscope readers out there - am I in the middle of a big transition right now? Certainly feels like it from where I'm sitting!


Paula said...

From my personal experience when a goal is set/ resolution done I just start right away. Waiting for a set date in the future sometimes is draining. By the time the date arrives I¨ve lost the will! ;)

Good luck and blessings on your new adventures. :)

Paula said...

I keep some of my resolutions, but life has a habit of getting in the way.
I wanted to do a college course but none of the colleges had it at the time I was available.
Two years on & it looks like I'm all set in Jan so I'm really pleased about it.
My main resolution is to be kinder to myself, do things more for myself & craft more.... Shoot me if I don't stick to!!

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