Friday, November 17, 2006

Off to shop!

Meeting up with my girlies today - SO excited :-)

I haven't seen Lally since July, when we had a fab two weeks together in Lanza, and spent everyday shopping, swimming, eating, lazing, chatting... whatever.

Donna, me and Lally are meeting today and we're going to shop til we drop, have lunch out and just enjoy the day. Then tomorrow she's off up to London with her cousin to see the Magic Numbers in concert, Sunday her ans Dan fly to Malta for an all Inc holiday, and then when they get back they'll visit Dan's family and maybe squeeze a quick visit back home before hopping on a plane back to Lanza to take over the care of their own, and Jazz's animals, so they can fly out!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have loads of fun with your girls Jake

Caroline xx

Paula said...

Just got the new issue of Creative Scrapbooking & your article is fab girlie!!!!!
I know you stressed over writing it but it was well worth it...

Anonymous said...

Hmmnn..... is that Paella on the table? No one ever makes Paella for me! And Canarian potatoes? And Jalapeno's?

This is just Too Much!


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