Monday, November 20, 2006

OMG! Talk about scary....!

Talking to Jazz earlier and she tells me of their most recent piece of excitement:

A 747 ( pretty big huh?) almost crashed into their house yesterday...

Let me just say, it shouldn't have been anywhere near their house at that point, but having been given clearance for landing, the SpanAir plane was so close to touching the tarmac that it's wheels were down and everything - when the crew suddenly realised a Binter (a small plane that island hops round the Canaries) was on the runway right in front of them.... and Whooooosh! They had to try and get up and get the hell out of the way!

So the plane is now screeching it's way upward heading towards the town, over beaches and roads, and suddely it's right above a sprawling residential area on the edge of the strip!

My son in law was outside and he yelled for Jazz to come quick - by the time she got there the bloody great beast was right over her house with the wheels still locked down, barely skimming her trees and roof! It would already have passed over Hayley's place a second or two before...

All I can say is thank heaven's there are no high rise buildings in PDC - There are one or two on the island, but fortunately out of harm's way.

She said they just absolutely cacked it. The noise, the wind, the huge shadow it cast, everything was shaking and rattling...the planes engine screaming... and all the people crying out and panicking... holidaymakers, Spanish, English - everyone screaming it's gonna crash!

Thank God it didn't, but the pilot must have been terrified- and I can't imagine the fear inside the plane. My son in law said the biggest investigation is now going on. He's a station manager there, and said there was NO WAY the binter should have been there at all. Air Traffic Control gave no instructions for that so obviously something went very badly wrong. Scary eh?

He's a plane nut that lad, and after recovering from the shock he said he wished he'd thought to grab his camera...

My girlie said she just wished for some new pants!


Irene said...

That is so terrifying Jake. Glad no one was hurt but poor Jazz!!

Anonymous said...

ooh scary, Erk's not a closet scrapbooker is he?!

Caroline x

Suzanne said...

OMG thank heavens that the pilot managed to stay in control - sounds like he needs a medal. And some other loon needs a kick up the .....!

I can't even begin to imagine the shock of going through that.

Anam_Kihaku said...

wow!! glad all is ok though.

Anonymous said...

Hi nanny,
I didnt get to see this plane but daddy said it was really close!
cant wait to see you in 10 sleeps
love rubie xx

jake said...

And I can't wait to se you gorgeous boy! And your Mum and Dad.... :-)
And as for uncle Vin and Gram Gram... well. You just know how much THEY love and miss you!

x x x

Jen said...

OMG JAKE!!! My, my.... I once had a dream like that, and I nearly cacked MY pants. And it was just a dream.... It doesn't bear thinking about :(

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