Sunday, November 12, 2006

Aw... how lovely!

A friend of mine, a retired reverand who conducts monthly sermons for me at my workplace, sent me this poem.

He knows all about my scrapbooking and passion for colours and nature and arty farty stuff, and when he came across this poem while looking for words for a lesson, he said he instantly thought of me.

He felt I would enjoy this and said something about it just reminded him of me and my outlook.

He's right - I do love it, it is very very me.... And I love him too, for being such a sweetheart.

Paint My Life
Now take the sunshine from the sky
And the breezes passing by
And don’t ask for reasons why
Just paint my life

Now take the autumn’s misty chill
And a lonely windy hill
Take a river running still
And paint my life

Take the sound of horse’s hooves
Take the snow from cottage roofs
Try, really try - let your mind touch clouds on high
Just so long as you paint my life

Now take the words that make you wise
Take the tears and take the sighs
Take the love that never dies
And paint your life

Now take the beauty of a kiss
Take the moments that you miss
Take the magic of all this
And paint your life.

By Carolyn James

I'm painting Vern, I'm painting :-)


Anonymous said...

what lovely words! you must be very flattered, having a gentleman send poems. Is he sweet on you? lol!


Anonymous said...

That's lovely Jake,and very you

Caroline x

Paula said...

Gorgeous poem, worthy of one of your layouts I think.
Thanks for the kind words about my opening mini book.x

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