Saturday, November 25, 2006

My poor boy is getting old... he creaks around now, squeezing himself into any warm spot he can, yet he'll still flash a paw (claw!) out and have you as you go by if he feels he can be bothered... Just so you know he's still got it, see? He hasn't lost the devlish glint his gorgeous green eyes - and though he's always in trouble for being underfoot - he can still hear any movement of his food dish from 50 feet... even while in the deepest slumber!

My dear old boy looking as handsome as ever at nearly 16 :-)
Thanks to Laura G for the class.


Paula said...

Love the papers you have used on this. He is a fab old boy isn't he.
I think Im starting to feel festive now. I've managed to claw some extra pennies out of my boss due to their error in missing my pay rise they backdated it four months & I got to buy some nice things for my big sis.Internet shopping is actually cheaper!!
I have all the Xmas cards I've made stood up on my shelves it looks like Xmas already will be so bare when they are all down so I'm hanging on until they start coming through the

Anonymous said...

Awwww hes adorable Jakey :)
Love your lo


Irene said...

Love your take on this class jakey.

Ann(i)e said...

looking handsome indeed!!

Laura G said...

He's gorgy Jake!! Thanks for doing the class- love your colours!!! Will do your class as soon as we get the CC out the way!! Hugsxx

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