Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well, as a family we've had more than our share of unpleasant experiences in the last week or two.... Now Isabelle's hurt herself bad, and as rotten luck usually comes in three's let's hope this is the final thing.

On Sunday, Iz and Sollo were playing a game with a magic wand... a sort of tug of war game... you get the scenario.... big brother, little sister - one wand. Anyway, Iz is pulling one way, Sollo the other - and eventually the thing comes apart... and izzy goes down with a big bump in the hallway. On her btm. OUCH!

She cried, Sollo said sorry, she had a little fuss on Dad's knee, and that was that. Til later on when the pain really kicked in - and anyone who has ever sat down hard on their tail will know this - it jolly well hurts... like billy-o.

The poor little girl is in very bad pain. Donna consulted the nurse practitioner at our surgery as Iz won't eat, can't sit, can't sleep, and generally is in real distress. She spoke with the health visitor who advised visiting casualty. They were in A&E for 5 hours yesterday, where two consultants finally decided she was playing up as there's a new baby in the house! My dd was NOT impressed with that diagnoses, I can tell you.

As Iz still hasn't slept, eaten, is on 2 kinds of painkiller, is having problems with her bowels and cries constantly,even through the night, Donna took her back to the GP today. He, fortunately, was far more thorough and sympathetic, and said she must have two weeks off school, lots of fluids, and searched for a stronger painkiller for her that he could prescribe in syrup form.

This is just NOT our Izzy. The girly loves her food, loves school, is always on the go, and is a real livewire, and she's has just been knocked for six by this pain she doesn't understand, and really doesn't want anymore of.

On a happier note, a new barbie video from her grandad this morning raised a small smile - the first since that awful bump.

Really hope this heals quickly, and she's back to prancing and leaping and singing very very soon. :-(

Amended to Add: Jon has just now taken her back to the hospital for an X ray as he can't bear to hear her crying anymore... this is so terrible, we're all worried sick now. Please everyone, send some healing vibes this way for my poor little Grandaughter. This is not right. Something must be wrong here....


Anonymous said...

loads of healing vibes coming your way Jake. hope the little one is better soon :(


Anonymous said...

Lots of((hugs))for Izzy,lets hope its just bruised and they can give her some good pain relief.

Caroline xx

Anonymous said...

Aww bless her.Jakey hope little Izzy gets better soon and its nothing more than badly bruised. Give her a big kiss from me . Keep us updated. ((Healing vibes))

Jane (Brods)

Anam_Kihaku said...

**sending huge hugs her way** sounds like she has a bruised coxics:(

Anonymous said...

hoping your little lady is on the mend this morning, bless her little heart ( and bottom!) (((hugs)))

Jen said...

Oh Jake! I'm so sorry :( Hope she is feeling better very soon. Hugs and kisses! (ps I've had to password protect my blog. You can email me on to get the details!). MORE HUGS!!

Laura said...

Hi Jake,

Um, not assuming the worst, but has anyone looked at/examined her Coccyx (tail-bone) a friend of mine fractured hers in August from a fall, and can cause so much pain.

I really do hope that it's just a little bruised, and not fractured. That's bad enough for an adult, never mind a small child.

I hope she gets better soon.
sending hugs and healing vibes!!

Laura xxx

Paula said...

Hope she is beeter soon, poor little thing. It is awful to see them suffer & not know how to help. Bless her hope Barbie cheers her up. hugs Pixie.:)

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