Tuesday, November 14, 2006

La Calima

Speaking to Jazz last night, she told me La Calima is back. Anyone who knows Lanzarote will be familiar with the North Trade Winds and this peculiar weather phenomenon.

From Wikipedia:

Every year sandstorms strike Lanzarote; these arrive from the Sahara desert. During such storms the temperature can rise to over 40°C and visibility can drop to only 100 m. The wind which brings these storms is called the Calima to the islanders.

In 2005, the calima carried voracious red desert locusts on the wind - and she's really hoping it doesn't bring the blighters back this time!

The size of these critters is approx 60 - 85 mm long, so you can imagine how ghastly it would be to have them showering down all over the place from the air.... Uggghh!

But Minnie is a fierce adversary! Last time they came, she managed to kill 3 of them that got in the house all by herself...!! Aw bless. She's only little, you know!

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