Friday, November 03, 2006

busy days

right, I have a very busy day ahead of me - first job, finish and pack work for CS. Then make a start on my Spesh Dare for tonight - gotta be good, because of the international thing... mind you, I do try every week!

Got to get to the shops sometime before 3 because Vin has a mate coming for a sleepover so have to stock up on treats, pop, and kid food etc.

Pick up Vin and buddy after school - Layla comes home on a Friday too, and she's too heavy for him to carry far.

Have everything done by 6.30, so I can spend the evening with Carlos, because his little mate will have abandoned him in favour of friend :-)

BTW - did anyone watch the prog about Hogarth last night? Loved it! A Harlots Progress. Always liked Hogarth since studying the Industrial Revolution in College - Gin Alley - home sweet home.... lol!

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