Friday, October 06, 2006

YAY! Can't believe it's Friday again :-)

Good ole Friday... Rolls round every week don't it, regular as clockwork :-) I work flexi hours so I'm lucky enough to pretty much pick and choose what it suits me to do and when.... and anyone who knows me will tell you I don't do fridays. Well who would if they didn't have to?

Life's just too short to work Fridays eh?
We should make it a law.

But I still have lots of to do, like....

1. my Speshal dare for tonight

2. finish some stuff for Caroline i've been working on

3. get some ideas together for something a friend and I are planning ;-)

4. Go through my box of bits and bobs I've picked up for altering and sort something out for a weekend project.

5. cut and mount at least ONE set of the ever increasing pile of unmounted stamps in this room.

....If I needed them so badly and bought them even when i probably couldn't afford them... why are they still sitting here weeks, months, maybe even a year after I got them??

No answer req'd btw guys - I know you all have some unmounted stamps in your craft room.... so don't even bother trying to deny it!

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