Saturday, October 21, 2006

Speshal Dare #25

A friend would never…pull your hair, would she?

Hmmnn..... she might!

This layout is about the day I finally met Lemon at Bonanza. We were already great cyber buddies - team mates too, and late night msn chatting pals... We spoke to each other on the phone regularly, emailed, pm’d….but we’d never met.
The day we were due to meet up we were all so excited, everyone was texting everyone, and when Lemon said she was almost there I rushed down to greet her and give her a hug – I’d waited so long to meet my friend!

We had to dash along then – to meet everyone else before class… and as I ran ahead I felt a sharp tug on my hair – I stopped dead, looked round and she stood there grinning. I said “what did you do that for???” and she said…“ I just wanna make sure you’re real…” Aw....I could have eaten her up!

So that’s my friend. That’s Lemon. Even though she lives many many miles away, she'll always be the first to pick up the phone and 'be there' when I need a friend... I wish she only lived round the corner. I wish I could be there more for her too. And anyway, now you all know why I love her so.

jk xx

Check out Alecia Grimm's fantastic Guest spot layout. Love that girl's work! :-)

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