Friday, October 20, 2006

So - half term week!

we got one happy boy in this house tonight :-)

He likes this school, he's doing ok - actually I've been surprised at how he's knuckled down to his GCSE coursework this term - such good boy, and he's trying without me nagging him, which is amazing. We've talked about planning, and for once he sees the sense in that - I can't quite believe how grown up he is becoming. I'm alternatively proud and terrified! Me and a million other Mums worldwide I'm sure...

So, what will we do with ourselves this week?

Well I have to work but that's not a prob as I do flexi hrs so I can do what suits the family, and even take Vin along if he wants to come. He actually enjoys coming in and chatting to the old folks, playing cards and dommies, and helping me with activities. Vin's one of those peeps who gets on with everyone like his Dad, and he's brilliant with the old dudes - no shyness or awkwardness at all, so he finds it all easy and it's good for him - and them. Some get no visitors at all.. half an hour in the company of an amiable young man is very welcome there, I tell you.

We'll probably pop over to Hemel or Hitchin one day for a look round. Vin has a few bob burning a hole in his pocket, and I like the charity shops and flea market. Bound to have pizza for lunch... coz he always picks - and we'll pick up some cakes for tea on the way home. Can't wait!

Ashridge forest with the kids - need autumn pic's!

And a sleepover for Vin. His buddy Michael is a nice kid and seems to be here a lot lately... but we'd rather they're here than elsewhere, so that's good.

And that's it!

Donna's baby may arriveof course...... sometime???
Going in on the 24th - so surely here by the 25th latest??

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