Monday, October 02, 2006

Are you excited?

to see what Memory Trends brings us...? Too skint to care? Or are you maybe just thinking - like a fair few others, I believe - that we are already way too saturated with new products, new gadgets, new ways to try to part us with our hard earned money?

I used to be a frenzied stash shopper. Frenzied with an F. Reduced financial circumstances have recently put paid to that... and yet, I find I don't actually miss the mad "I must have it shopping " at all.... In fact, when I look at shopping sites now , which I rarely do anymore, I often can't see anything I feel I must have right now. Perhaps I just own too much stuff already... perhaps I just think it's all got a teensy bit silly - is this really what scrapbooking is all about? Or maybe I'm becoming bored with the hobby altogether.... scrapbooking certainly has changed in the last few years, I can't deny that.

Don't get me wrong here - there are still pretty things I see that I'd like. But I'm just not frantic about getting them anymore, and anyway - I know each fad will only last a short while - before everyone's raving about the next must have... and the one after... and the one after that.

Anyone feeling the same?


Anam_Kihaku said...

totally agree with you - my money is precious and so i look and look before makign any purchase. some things are worth buying and others are just another attempt to make us give them more and more money but then there are some amazing thing worth getting a sheet or two ie hambly screen prints or the plain jane chipboard - decent prices and lovely. i think we are all becoming more selective but there will always be the people who need every sheet of paper from every line that is out there.

Paula said...

I'm a newbie starting out but cash isn't plentiful & I always look at something to see if it has more than one use. I love paper & find it the cheapest purchase but the odd thing is only bought for a particular order I am producing. Mini books work out relatively cheap as using 12" paper for 6" is cost effective...

Debbie said...

Another recovering frenzied-shopperholic here Jakey. I can't keep up with all the new things out there - makes the head spin, although I do still appreciate their gorgeousness.

Kelly said...

yes i totally agree i wold normally go in a shop and emtpy the shelves this weekend a new shop and i only spent £27 and struggled with that !!!!!

i was wondering if i was going off the hobby or perhaps im just stashed out !

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