Saturday, October 28, 2006

week 26 Speshal Challenge

Love is... bigger than the miles in between us...

Debbie talked about the little 'Love is' couple - you remember them? Course you do... we all do... but actually, when I first saw this weeks theme all I could think of was that soppy line from Love Story.... who was that... Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw....? God, how long ago was THAT!

And all I could think of was the line where someone said "Love means never having to say you're sorry"

There must have been a whole generation of people walking around those days thinking it was ok to never say sorry to their partner - coz you loved them really! Wrong!!

Anyhow, my take on 'Love is....' is Jazza and Vin - in one of the many many pics of them together, looking so alike - same cute goofy grins.... :-) who remain mad on each other, even though they now live so far apart, but daily phone calls and msn keep them connected, and they have a little mutual admiration society going on most of the time... 2 Leo's, see? That it explains a lot.... Lol!!

No offence meant to any Leo's out there btw - I love Leo's, which is just as well, as I am surrounded by them.... Yay me!


Suzanne said...

Loving the dare Jakey, though have not the foggiest what you mean about Leos :D:D:D

Irene said...

me neither! ;)

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