Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My little Halloween do this evening went very well - the girls in the kitchen and all the young care assistants were blooming fantastic and helped me loads to make sure the oldies had a really great party!

We did halloween bingo which was hysterical - totally chaotic, as half the resi's couldn't see the pictures I was describing in the dim spooky atmosphere, and the other half couldn't hear my descriptions coz there were so many of us, so we all had a great laugh with that - and I gave a prize to everyone who even had a go, as it was just so much fun - if complete madness :-)

Then we guessed the spooky sounds, told scary ghost stories, and had a scrummy tea, all washed down with Slimeade and Witches Blood.....;-)

Some of my folks said they'd never had so much fun for years... So worth every second of the work involved, even if I am dead on my feet now.

Oh.... here's one old dude we put in the corner and forgot about though...
....think he's been there since last year.....

**Whahahahaha...** (cackles madly!)


Julie? said...

Wish you worked at the home my mum is in.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Jakey when im old(er) will you come and have fun with me ?
You do a wonderful and rewarding job. I take my hat off to you.
Jane (Brods)

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