Thursday, October 12, 2006

CK's Scrapbooker of the Year announced

C.D. Muckosky is Ck's new Scrapbooker of the Year - 2006 !!

This girl was picked out of over 500 entries, and if you've ever seen what you have to do to get this coveted prize you'll know how hard she must have blumming well worked :-)

C.D. apparently wins 10 000....(think of the stash, girls....!)


$10 000 another in sponsorship prizes on top, and becomes part of the CK circus for 2 years, appearing at events etc in their name.

She's teaching a 'Make and Takes at a Las Vegas scrapbook store and will be
appearing at sponsor booths for the remainder of the show. Lisa Bearnson made the announcement last night at Memory Trends.

C.D. is a Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
'Well done' that girl! ;-)

video announcement here.
CD's essay here
C.D.'s blog.


Anam said...

she is an amazing digital scrapbooker :)

ps i heard you have been setting funky challenges about music but i cant find them - any chance you could stick them on your blog or email them so ic ould do them too :)

domestic goddess said...

she is a super scrapper and you cant tell its digital, really inspiring work there :)

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