Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween hats!

At last – I have managed to get the flaming
hats finished!!

I was up at 5.30 a.m this morning working on them, and then spent all day at work carving pumpkins and making decorations with different groups of residents. Came home tonight and got stuck straight back into the hat making. And let me tell you - 50 hats on your own is no small thing.... Blimey – I’m exhausted! Looks like all my help for the party tomorrow has evaporated too, so I hope I manage to recharge my batteries somehow tonight or I don’t know where I’ll get the energy to decorate the main hall and lounge tomorrow in time for the ‘do’.

We’re having traditional games like apple bobbing etc , plus music and a spooky quiz, and Cookie’s rustling us up a themed tea, with special cakes, ghoulish fruit punch and hot mulled wine.

I reckon I’ll be the zombie in the corner!! Lol!

Here’s a small selection of the finished product – I’m BUYING the Christmas hats this year BTW!!


Paula said...

Well you will have the coolest halloween party ever with those hats...50, girl you need a medal or perhaps a bottle or two of wine for!!!
I'm sure when you look at them you know it was worth it all....

jaihn said...

Fab Hats!
I hope you'll have a great party too, even if you are the zombie.
i look forward to pics of food, fun, and games.....

Anonymous said...

Jane (Brods)

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