Wednesday, October 04, 2006

quote of the day

Blessed are the children of scrapbookers,
for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.
~Author Unknown
But I have four kids... so who'll inherit mine?
Who'll want them?
All of them?
Any of them?
I sometimes wonder, if anyone will want them at all...
Or will they simply get dumped in a box in the loft, left to sleep silently under a blanket of dust and only see the light of day in however many years when someone else lives in this house and finds a crumpled old cardboard box full of the remnants of some long ago, long forgotten family?
Will our voices talk to them I wonder?
Will they hear the happy laughter of children tinkling down through the years, sense the warmth and heart of a family long gone... will they pore over the pages, trying to work out the connections and perhaps wonder who all these people and animals are,
where they come from... how they fit?
Or will the kids ALL want the books...
will they fight over who takes what, and jealously grab and claim any that contain photos of them, or their children or their homes...
Will they suddenly become interested in my scraps of paper, and stickers and photographs, carefully and lovingly arranged over the years, and preserved in so many books, all bursting at the seams which in the everyday rush and bustle of ordinary life mean nothing to them at all....?
Are never looked at.
Sit on shelves, and desktops, and are piled on the floor and any available surface in a higgledy piggle jumble of unbalancedness.
Who'll want them I wonder?
Who'll want these books?


Anam_Kihaku said...

give them to your local historian society or library if no-one wants them :) but i think your kids will love them and they will be treasured forever.

Anonymous said...

me me me ! as first born i feel it is only correct that i get to choose who gets what when you go to meet your maker mate , and i'll take anything made of paper. and that includes the loo roll....

the girls can fight over your ever depleting gold and vin can have the music.

see everyone happy...

jake said...

Ah well... that's a relief Donz. Don't want to spend my dotage worrying about a few stickers and some ancient dodgy photos, do I?

luvya - ma
x x x x x x

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