Thursday, October 05, 2006


I've had... quite an eventful time.

Started off yesterday, with me just poodling off to town before work.... I was on my way to pick up a home DJ set-up - we want to put on more theme nights for the resi's and thought it would be good to be able to do the music ourselves, entertainers being so expensive now. At this point I had no idea what sort of a day I was in for....

I never saw it coming at all... but anyway, next thing there he was.

A cop standing in the middle of the road, indicating that I should pull over. I could see he had the flaming speed gun thingy in his hand and I was like... "sheeeit, I really don't need this now." I know it's a compulsory automatic fine of sixty quid and 3 points on your licence - I still have 3 points from last time...

I rolled down the window and he told me I'd been doing 37 in a 30 mph zone. Of course I said sorry. Well, not much point arguing is there? He has the proof in his hand... I was obviously going too fast, so it was a fair cop.

Anyway - it turns out its my lucky day... Instead of fining me and crippling my insurance for the next 85 years, he's very generously going to allow me to proceed IMMEDIATELY to the fire station, where a nice bobby is going to tell me off, give me a badge and make me watch a video. He'll then formally caution me, and let me go... and that will be the end of that.

I grovel out a further apology and set off to the fire station - IMMEDIATELY mind!

Once there I am humiliated in front of half the town, made to feel like the world's worst person, and taken in to the viewing room. There to watch a film of RTA's and kids being killed. Oh Joy.

Naturally, by this time I am in floods of tears and can hardly see the THINK sticker I am given to place prominantly on my dashboard. This is partly because I felt such a heel and the video nearly killed me with guilt, and partly because the copper who finally ushered me out, let the door go on my arm and almost broke it in 5 places.

My lucky day indeed.

I'll tell you what though - even without the police brutality (my arm is a mess of bruises and hideously swollen) the episode had a far greater impact on me than getting fined did last time. Then, I was just pissed off at having to cough up a wad of hard earned cash - now I am actually THINKING about what I did wrong.

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Paula said...

How dreadful!!! I would be humiliated & cry like a baby.
Then go home & sulk because I'd had to spend that cash...
Pour yourself a large glass of vino hun, & eat chocolate!!!

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