Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Baby budgies are SO adorable!!!

Today, we discovered that the babies both have their eyes open!
Oh, you wouldn't believe the excitement.... Me and Vin were wild with it this morning! They are just so amazing. - both standing now, flapping teeny little wings - with fluffy little feathers sprouting, and they are growing a fine fluffy down over their bums and upwards across their plump little bodies. Baby one is even growing a li'l tail!
Now, as far as we can tell - one baby has blue down, and the other looks white or grey.
Carl and I tried to lower the nest box the other day asd we'd been advised to check in case there were any casualties and /or unhatched eggs. What a fiasco! A nightmare...
We had to let Bruce out of the cage, and he was going crazy with anxiety. Sheila was most distressed, flapping about and yelling, while the babies slept through the whole trauma.

Anyway. they are so cute! I love them. And we're never going to be able to part with them I know it.

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