Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh no!!!! terribly worrying news!

Jazz has just rang me.... on the way home from the vet's. Minnie is ill!

Apparently, she was moping about yesterday evening, and was awake most of the night coming in and out of their room and being very unsettled, but they just thought she was put out because everyone was up late and didn't realise she was unwell!

Thursday's the busiest day at the airport and Erk didn't get home til 1. a.m. Jazz was feeling a bit down with him gone all day so her and Ruben had gone to bed early. By the time Erk came home buzzing from his busy day they were all up and awake, but couldn't understand why minnie was making a fuss. They just thought it was all the late night activity disturbing her.

Anyway - this morning Jazz discovered that she was obviously very poorly and so they whizzed her straight up to the vet. She's had two injections, and has lots of medicine to take, and has to go back again tomorrow morning. She's not allowed any food for 24 hrs (minnie would struggle to go 24 mins) but if she's really very hungry, maybe a little jamon... obviously doesn't look like a dog who eats pet food...

The vet examined her and did lots of tests but at one point she squeezed her belly and minnie actually went for her - it must have really hurt - she's never ever snapped at anyone before.
Poor little doggie.

Jazz daren't phone me earlier til they knew she was alright. She knows how much we all love her, and that I'll just be worrying myself silly.

Amazing how a dog so tiny can take up so much room in your heart eh?
Please send healing vibes to our little girl. She means so much to us all.


Anonymous said...

oh poor baby, hope she is better soon. Kids and animals it's so sad, they cant tell you can they?

Lou x

Paula said...

Poor sweet little doggie. Sending lots of love to heal her fast.xx

Paula said...

Soft pats on head for her. A hug for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor little Minnie .... praying for her hun that she recovers swiftly. She is absolutely adorable and normally the smaller the dog, the tougher they are :)

My little Yorkies were usually fixed up with an injection if they were poorly, some chicken and rice for a few days and then tearing around like mad after.

Wishing her well, try not to worry.

Hugs Boo xxx

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