Friday, October 13, 2006

Unlucky for some...?

Welcome to Friday the 13th.
Are you a Paraskevidekatriaphobic..... One afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th ??

Or perhaps you believe that considering Friday the unluckiest day of the week is only a matter of superstition. Interestingly, experts of many insurance companies who' register catastrophes and breakdowns assure us that the largest number of tragedies do occur on Fridays!

According to the online encyclopedias, Friday the 13th is actually unlucky for some of us.

Psychologists have found that people are especially likely to have accidents or fall ill on Friday 13th, due (according to them!) to a heightened state of anxiety on that day.

There have been a fair few events known as Black Friday's in history. Usually, these events are devastating. Some historians claim that the origin of the'Black Friday' was the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of the Knights Templar on October 13th (a Friday) - later tortured into admitting heresy.

It's said if you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil's luck (Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo all have 13 letters in their names.... ok, Jack the ripper isn't exactly a name... but it fits, no? Lol!

From a religious view, Muslims claim Friday as the day Allah created Adam, the bible tells us that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the apple, on a Friday, and later died on a Friday, and Christians consider Friday as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans. There were 13 present at the Last Supper, with the 13th guest at the table being the traitor, Judas.

Friday the 13th has also been extremely unlucky day for some well-known public personas. American gangster Al Capone - the godfather of Chicago, was arrested and sentenced to jail on Friday 13th. Rap singer Tupac Shakur was killed in Las Vegas on Friday 13th as well - having cheated his own death after a series of attempted murders before.

What Friday the 13th Character Are You?

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The number 13 is probably the most common of all superstitions

Friday the 13th is a popular series of slasher films

Try your luck with a Friday 13th Quiz here hmmn... you might find question 4 a little dated though... Lol!

As for me....? Well, I admit to being a superstitious sort of bod.... Thankfully, I'm not working today, but I will have to drive later.... so I'll be extra vigilant on the road - just in case! I should be ok... touch wood!

Hope you all have a great friday today - whatever the date :-)

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