Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm expecting some great pictures to be coming my way very soon :-) Donna and Jon are taking the kids to Ireland for Jon's brother's wedding, so should have lots of gorgeous pic's of the kids in their wedding outfits, and as they're staying on the beachfront, quite a few casual ones too. The baby's an absolute poppet, and so cute with a lil dimple when she grins, that I'm going to have to take the tripod round soon and try a photo shoot with her. NOT that I'm any good - certainly no photographer, but with a subject that sweet, I have to get at least a few good shots I reckon ;-)

Plus, today Jazz and Erk are going on their last little holiday before the baby comes. Obviously, the girl can't fly any more but they're taking the boat over to Fuerteventura this morning, and as they'll have the car they can drive down to the sand dunes and spend a bit of time exploring as well as having a relax. Rubie's very excited and it's a treat for him before he starts 'big boy' school in a couple of weeks. It was his last day at nursery yesterday and Jazz cried. His teachers gave him a gift and a letter about going on with his journey now he's a 'big boy'.. bless him - he's not even three yet!

I remember the day he started... the photo's of him on the path with his big new school bag... I posted them on my blog here - just can't believe he'll be at proper school so soon.

Here's my
Mojo layout from last night. The boy himself on his second birthday - and that's birthday cake on his nose, btw! Lol!!

Aplogies in Advance as the title of the layout is likely to have you singing the Kaiser Chiefs fab anthem of the same name, all day.... ( I know, coz I was singing it all night last night!)


Sandie said...

Its a gorgeous layout, and yes I have that song firmly stuck in my head now LOL

Paula said...

Fabulous page & a fabby title to go with it. That is sure set to become a classic & is playing away merrily now in the ole head!

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