Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another year rolls by....

On All About Eve, our theme was a glimpse of the past or future, and this set me reminiscing; particularly as this week, yesterday in fact, marked the 10th anniversary of the day I kissed my little Ma goodbye for the very last time. On that day, it had been barely 6 months since I'd also sat with my sister and watched her slipping away from us too.... I was still reeling, in shock, and no way prepared to lose my darling Mum too. But that's the way it was, and I did. Both lost to the same disease. But somehow I managed to get by, thinking of them everyday...until today. Because you never stop thinking of them and yearning for them, as anyone who has suffered like me will tell you.

I almost did a layout using a picture of my Mum, and me, Sanna and Jen Jen, laughing at a party, a rare photo of the Walker women together...though by no means a rare event. A glimpse of the past... us in pleats of laughter (God only knows what at, coz I don't remember now) all dressed in daft eighties clothes - suits with big padded shoulders... big hair... but in the end I just couldn't do it. Although I fixed the picture up as best I could in PSE, and while i'm no expert and it's still a poor pic, i'm glad I did it.. maybe one day i'll scrap it after all.

In the end I blew up a little photo booth snap, taken on one of my many excursions to London when I was a teen. Actually, I was 16 here, and a proper poser. All my gear had to be bought in London, and I'd go up on a cheap day return, and come home laden with bags, from Carnaby st, Oxford st, South Molton st, Camden Lock, Portobello rd, the King's rd... sporting such names as Naff Naff, Biba, Topshop and Chelsea Girl.. those were the days. Shopping was EVERYTHING! Only eclipsed by going up the Cali that night and showing off my new clothes/shoes/bag/make-up, and dancing the night away with a gang of mates.

Couldn't post this yesterday when the challenge went up, as I just didn't feel like it. No matter how many years roll by it still hits me just the same.

RIP my best girls. Love you still, Mosh and JJ.
jk xx


Maria said...

So sorry for you Jakey. I know you learn to live with it but it's still there.

Sitting here crying for you.

Be kind to yourself xxx

Sarah (aka monroegirl) said...

Fantastic story and gorgeous layout Jakey, I love it!

Paula said...

Very beautiful page.
I feel for you, my mum passed away 33 years ago but it never really stops hurting. The loss just gets a bit easier to bear.
Thinking of you.xx

Irene said...

Sending you lots of positive vibes Jakey. ~~~

Je@net said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!
Read your story and felt so sorry!
Love the lo you finally made!

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