Thursday, August 30, 2007

Almost the weekend....

Well, it is for me, coz I don't do Fridays. I have done when i've had to, but for the last few years Fridays have become Mydays... my absolute fave days, when I get to stay at home and mooch and slob and do whatever I damned well please, because there's no one else around.

Obviously in school hols, Vin's here, and usually my dad will pop round for a chat and a coffee in the morning, but basically friday is a me me me day when I can shoot to Hemel to shop, slope around town doing the charity shops, scrap all day if I want, read, visit, sit in the garden or do whatever I feel like doing, and oh, how I love that.

Yes, I know I'm selfish... but there you go. Old people are.

Talking of scrapping, I never got picked for the US kit club I applied for, but got an hon ment, which I thought was quite sweet. I also did some lovely stuff which I haven't been able to show until now as it was for Becky Flecks page maps, and I was dead chuffed tonight to see that my LO made the front page of the newsletter - Thanks Becky, it was a pleasure to help out there :-)

It was quite funny actually, coz I made the LO no trouble from the gorge sketch Becky sent me, but then got into terrible trouble trying to scan it... In fact, I got so frustrated, that I just started all over again and made another LO, which scanned like a dream - as did the first as soon as i'd managed the second! So in the end I just sent both - thought I'd let Becky have the headache of choosing which one to use - and it's a nice surprise to see it there now, as at the time she had no idea which one she'd put up.

Here's the other one - the one she didn't use.

You can see the one she did use by clicking
here or going to Page Maps

I so love this pic of my boy emerging from the sea - what a babe (magnet) he's turning out to be... ;-)

Wishing the Fleck family a super chilled out holiday. Nothing like getting away from it all, is there ?

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Paula said...

Enjoy them Fridays, you certainly earn them. Not long to go before I have every Monday off until New Year on holiday, that is great!!

Fab layout, he is certainly turning from teen to babe magnet overnight!!

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