Saturday, September 22, 2007

You can keep your hat on....

This weeks Mojoholder layout was made a bit tongue in cheek. Recently I was talking to a friend on Msn, and at the same time, sending Jazz our holiday photos to look at.

I was telling Jazz how hot it had been walking round the hippy market at Punta Arabi, and how I'd spotted this fab cowboy hat and talked Carlos into treating me, even tho it was loadsa dosh ;-) so I uploaded a snap of me on the balcony wearing the new headgear, so she could see if she liked it... Only I sent it to Irene and not Jazz! Got my windows mixed up, didn't I..? And don't tell me you've never done that. Lol!

Anyway... Irene, oblivious to the other convo going on, was like "Whaaa??? Good God girl! Have you got any clothes on??? You look like you're stripping off!!"

Pmsl.. and yeah, I guess it does a bit :-D

Might not sound funny now, but well, it cracked me up... and jazz and irene, too.

So obviously the title for this week's scraplift layout came easy...
You can keep your hat on!

You can see the other DT girlies fabulous scraplifted layouts on the page by Kimmy here Plus a brilliant sketch by Sarah, to help you put your own version together in a snap. Don't forget to share your work with us by putting a link in the comments section as we love to see your takes too, and there's a chance to win the monthly RAK.


MsGrace said...

That hat is so the LO.
I am hoping to get to the mojo challenge this week. I just found that site & love it!!


Paula said...

Gorgeous page, I love all those colours & the lace. Fab pic, you could enter it as risque!

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