Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No strings attached......?

.....No, quite the opposite in fact. 12 strings - as opposed to six.....

Yep. Vin has a new guitar. I know I said no more... there are 5 in the house already... plus an assortment of other stringed instruments like a mandolin and a mini harp thingy etc, but this was a bargain - and he's never had a 12 string - and he paid for most of it himself.

So, it's here :-)

His dad chipped in a third (foolishly assuming vin will now allow him to have a go... er.. I doubt it matey. Not if I know that boy!) and we went and picked it up last night.

He absolutely loves it. And it does have a very beautiful sound, and there's a lot worse he could be doing than making music, I know.

Her name (they all have names) is Frances Bean. No prizes for guessing why.... the others are called Layla (first love) Black Betty, Violet, Rubie-guitar and Terry. No idea what the mandolin is called.. er.. mandy? just a guess.. lol!

Anyway - Here they are:

He is no longer am emo kid btw... and has now morphed into total grunge a la his hero Kurt. At least those flannel shirts are cheap enough in the charity shop - when you can find one!


MsGrace said...

very cool.

Paula said...

He even has Kurt's stance!! Oh what a pretty boy Kurt was & Vin makes a perfect dark haired version. Love the names for his guitars!

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