Thursday, September 06, 2007

An anonymous comment on my blog...

... made me smile today :-)

Usually you see the anon, and think uh-oh.... and today was no different.... but when I read it I had to laugh, so I've put it up here in case you miss it.

It is in response to my jokey post about how hard I work being the hobby therapist at an elderly people's care home...

'lol! Mary! I know just how you feel! I spend my average day working hard too! Singing, cutting and sticking, swimming, nap time, baking, jumping, hopping, dancing, reading, laughing, rolling... the list goes on!

Man i love my boss!

Employer: Ruben George Walker Halil, Age: nearly 3 !!'

That would be my grandson she's talking about then!!!! Lol!!!!

1 comment:

Paula said...

Oh wow, what an awesome blog comment to get!!
Must have really made your day. :0)

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