Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not all bad

If you're someone who's spent any amount of time around the world of scrapbooking, you might be forgiven for thinking that sometimes it can be a pretty prickly place. There are frequent spats, accusations, and trampled feelings. Some scrappers appear so ambitious as to show no regard whatsoever for their fellow artists, and ruthless is a word I've heard in connection with this hobby all too often...

....And all of this in a pastime based around family memories, paper and glue!

But you know, it's not all bad.

Along with the me me me types you also come across some totally selfless people in scrapland. Girls who never push themselves forward, never seek the limelight and never ever promote themselves at the expense of others. They're kind, helpful and sharing. But you rarely hear about it - because that's just the way they like it. Any gestures made are private and not blogged about and flogged to death to aquire hits, or kudos or whatever.

I experienced this for myself this week - and from someone who has not always been treated very kindly by the self appointed big guns in scrapping.

I know she wouldn't want me to make a lot of this so I won't. But let me say one thing: I 'm very humbled and grateful for her kindness. TBH, I'm amazed. Why on earth I deserve it I don't know, but I guess I'm just lucky in that I have some lovely friends. Good people. Nice people to be around. And while it's true that I haven't got much else - that in itself makes me better off than many.

Sponsors are coming in for All About Eve!! We've been contacted by several companies wishing to offer sponsorship - which is great news for you guys taking part in the challenges! Not only can you join the fun group of girlies who regularly play along, but you get the chance to be picked as guest designers - AND/OR possibly win some awesome stash or scrummy kit!

This week there's a fantastic kit up for grabs from :
Amber's ScrappingEdge

But you know what they say, don't you? You gotta be in it, to win it ;-)

Go check it out!

YEAH!! 3-0!!

Let's just hope we can do it again on Wednesday :-)

Come on the boys......!!!


Pam said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your work jakey.

Jacqui said...

I agree with your comments completely.I love scrapbooking and UKS but sometimes it does feel more like a competition than a hobby.Your work is fab but you can tell that you scrap for yourself and your own enjoyment not for the kudos.

Paula said...

Lovely to know you found good people around the sb world. :)

Tracie H said...

Totally agree with your comments - the scrapping community is such a fantastic place and should be celebrated more often - Ive met so many wonderfully genuine talented people (sadly a few not so genuine too who honestly believe they are so much "more" than paper and glue - they need to take a reality check me thinks!!!)

Laura G said...

lol there's a few about! Glad you had someone make you happy. you always deserve it hun! still checking in and checking messenger when I can xx

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