Friday, September 14, 2007

Major Mojo

What you reckon Woody... think anyone'll notice the Chicken Pops?

Oh, go on...Get over there and see for yourself...

Week after week, my awesome teamies truly amaze me - they do. And that's a fact.
Usually, I walk off the blog on a Friday night wondering how I even hold my place, but somehow I seem to get away with it, so do check us out.

This week we lifted a piece of Kimber McGray's gorgeous work, and my lift is below. I wasn't too happy with the way it scanned tbh - it's actually much nicer irl, as anyone who has these papers will know...

...But, the layout does tell a tale, and I guess it's safe to say I'm known as a scrapper who uses my medium to document our life stories, as opposed to someone who does wonderfully glorious pages about the bug they picked off their boot today, or the incredible flower they spotted on their way to work . So as far as I'm concerned, the boy's childhood illness is noted, and really... are his grandkids honestly gonna worry if the paper was slightly off colour for the photo's??

I'll just have to hope not, is all I can say. :-)


mel said...

I LOVED your layout this week, you deserve every second of your place with Mojo as your work is ALWAYS first class :)

Plus the great-grandkids will never notice the colours ;)(I dont see They will see the memory that you created for them :)

Paula said...

Fabulous page as ever!!
The papers work great & after all its the subject that really matters the paper is only meant to decorate & compliment.

Just as well really I hardly own much paper.I kind of buy when the mood takes me & try to think ahead!!

em said...

its a gorgeous layout jakey - dont be so hard on yourself.

Lilian Andrews said...

Aw this is so sweet. Brings back memories of my own tot's with the "spotty dotty's" as we called it!

Lilian xoxo

Sandie said...

Its a brilliant layout, why are you so hard on yourself??? Your work is outstanding!

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