Saturday, September 08, 2007


Here's my layout from Mojoholder this week. I love being on this DT. The girls are fantastic - so very talented, and a great bunch to chat with on our lil forum.The one thing I do find hard to understand, is why more peeps don't take the challenges with us. We lift some top designers, and try to go for a wide range of styles, yet we don't always get a whole lot of of entries - maybe people should take another look? We have a monthly rak for our faves too.. so c'mon guys, give us a whirl!


These photo's make me smile... we'd just walked miles and miles round and round, and up and up, to the top of the d'Alt Vila in Ibiza Town. The cathedral at the top was a wonderful reward... cool and beautiful, but after we'd looked around we set off back down to the bottom. The dazzling sun hit us again the second we stepped out of the door, and we again regretted having brought no water. It had been a huge trek up in such fierce heat, and forgetting the water bottles, a terrible mistake. So we set off, helping an elderly lady whose shoes were slipping on the ancient flagsones worn shiny from hundreds of years of sandalled feet... we couldn't go fast, because the poor woman was terrified of slipping over and Carl had to literally walk in front of her with her hands on his back :-) He's such a gent, but sometimes I wish he'd not be quite so chivalrous!

Eventually we reached a point where the floor was less slippery, and the old couple took off on their own. Rounding a corner we spotted a traditional Spanish bar tucked away in a pretty courtyard, and dived in. The proprietor was the grumpiest old man i've ever met! Shunning his offer of a table inside we opted instead to sit in the shady courtyard and pressed our backs against the cool white wall.... ah.. heaven. He got us back tho with the most innocent tasting, but devilishly potent Sangria, which he placed grumpily in front of us on the table. BOY! did it have some kick! Lol!

By the time we left he grudgingly smiled at us - I think he was amazed with our drinking prowess... I doubt anyone had ever managed a jug of the stuff before! Either that or my appalling Spanish made him laugh - heaven knows what I said when I thought I was complimenting him on his lovely garden lol!

Anyway, it was a wonderful day, a wonderful memory - and a very cool wall.

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