Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Using up scraps

I don't know about you, but I can't throw stuff away.

Especially not scrapping bits... scraps of paper... ribbon ends... BG paper... :-)

You never know when you might need them.

So, sorting through some plastic drawers earlier, I spotted a pile of Hang 10 scraps, and thought I'd put a little mini book together to make use of some of the millions of holiday snaps I took which will probably never make it onto a page. I cannibalised a 10 pence carboot sale notebook, which I bought because I liked the see through covers. I actually considered making a transparent book with it, but that would have defeated the object of using up my BG scraps! lol!

(So, I'm still to make my see through book.... one day Lemon. One day.)

Anyway, this lil book cost absolutely nothing to make, because everything used is an oddment left over from other stuff, and took no time to make either - so I feel all virtuous tonight, and happy I had a go.
I even managed to get all the piccies together nicely without tearing my hair out.. don't ask why or how, but something must have finally clicked. There is hope for me yet, perhaps :-)

Book dimensions - 4" x 4".


Paula said...

Gorgeous little book. I love the dimensions & the colours.
Im not brave enough to do a see through one!!
I have so many pizza boxes with scraps it looks a right tip here!!!

Carrie said...

Love this mini Jakey!!!

Paula said...

Love that book, gorgeous colours, fun size. :)

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