Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it summer yet?

Feeling all Summery?
Nah, me neither, so it honestly lifted my spirits to see Daring Cardmakers
challenge this week. Don't know about you, but nothing says 'Summer' to me louder than finally getting my flip flops out, so naturally I made a card using a cheeky lil pair of my fave footware :-)

And because I was so inspired by the idea of sunny skies (...and also because I'm off to the Canaries on holiday myself very soon for a bit of much needed sunshine and sangria...) I made two cards on this theme! Get me!

I also spotted a summery looking little bargain on my shopping trip to Hemel yesterday, tho i'm sad to say I found no nice holiday bits to pack, even tho I looked very very hard! What I did buy was this brill set of acrylic measuring cups in the pound shop - absolute bargain, and even better as they match my kitchen's lime green colour scheme :-)

This is actually really good because I've found I'm always having to bypass great recipes if the ingredients are measured by the cup or half cup - being a bit dim in this department I personally having no idea what that relates to in ounces etc - but hey! No more! My handy little set here will do me for many a year I reckon - and all for the princely sum of 99p!

I've also been playing with the robo a lot today and cutting lots of mats and frames out - as is evident on these latest cards. Oh the fun i've had poking all the holes out... I just can't tell you, you must try it for yourself... ;-) but I like the result, so I guess it was worth the time. And mess!

Hmmmm what can we say?
Roll on summer eh?
Happy days to you all whatever your weather


Lythan said...

love the cards Jakey and I'm so jealous of your trip to the sun. I'm inpressed with the robo mats too! Thanks for sharing the sunshine with DCM this week:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards Jakey :)

I have those exact cup measuring thingys - love the green. Mine were more expensive though a WHOLE pound in Poundland :D

Anonymous said...

Fab summery cards. :) What a great find for 99p. I paid £2.99 for mine!


Anonymous said...

How r u? your website is rocks
Check at this funny emo song:

Cath x said...

Great cards Jakey, very summery! When are you off to Ibiza? I'm so in need of going! It's taking too long!
Those cups were a bargain! I paid loads more for mine lol

Edleen said...

love your cards Jakey! adorable :)

we can wear flip flops here daily...
it's usually Summer all year round this side of the world! hehe...

Lynda said...

Two fantastic cards. Thanks for joining in with Daring Cardmakers.

Lynda xxx

suebaru said...

LOL, I bought those measuring spoons in pink today in our nearest Poundland...for £1!

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