Wednesday, February 24, 2010

is it any wonder I get nothing done?

365 Cards:- ..."find inspiration in modern styles..."

Ok, I freely admit i've taken a bit of a licence here.... ;-) Definitely nothing classy or stylish about this tongue in cheek card - but I do see it as contemporary.... - ok, at least of modern design then, lol. And I've sort of scraplifted Kristie's design too, just turned it on it's side, and more or less followed the plan :-)

Anyway, it's impossible to do anything with the pup in here..... Look at her!!
I'm trying to write at my computer... and she's having none of it...
"Sausages Mum! Play sausages! C'mon!"

She's under my feet, under my chair, nibbling scraps of paper and blossoms on the floor, worrying at wires... she's a proper nightmare.

The only way I can get a picture of her at all is to use the 'sport' setting on the camera. And even then they're blurred - because she's a blur!
love her to bits tho... She's my baby :-)

til next time, take care and thanks for popping by my blog :-) x


Rose said...

what a FUN card!! luv it :) and your baby is too cute!! my cat "helps" me craft lol i feel your "pain" girl *grin*

kristie sessions said...

Thanks for playing with me one last time Jakey! CUTE doggie!!

TesaB said...

Great card, beautiful colors, gorgeous image, totally neat! And what an adorable puppy!!!

Tammy said...

Cute card . . . even cuter puppy!

annieambriel said...

what wonderful card. love it.

Pam said...

Oh your puppy is soooo cute!! And your card is absolutely adorable :)

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