Friday, February 05, 2010

minus 10...

Yep, that's me. Minus 10lbs. Lost since my D day on the 4th Jan.

Go Me!!

Don't worry tho, i'm not in any imminent danger of fading away... there's plenty more where that came from more's the pity. But it's a good start. All I have to do is keep it off and keep at it. Wish me luck with that then ladies.

Just one lil ole card today. This one for the 365 challenge to use a large heart on a card. This'll do nicely for my anniversary card for Saturday. Carl will either not notice that i've cut the heart out on the music paper upside down... or be far too polite to mention it... Doh! Why didn't I notice it til I scanned it! losing my sight as well as going senile now.... ye gods! is there no help for me?

Anyway it's late and i've had a long old day
Hugs to all, maybe more tomorrow.
Hoping to use some new stamps I have my paws on!

thanks for coming by


Dale & Barb Harper said...

Very Nice!

Anita said...

Thats beautiful Jake, really striking. Well done on the weightloss, you have more will power than me girly.xx

Julia said...

Well done Jake on the weight go girl. Love your card. BTW of course you can scraplift my doggy layout!!! xx

Pam said...

Fab card!!

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