Friday, February 12, 2010

what a week!

Just after publishing my last blog post - a week today, I lost all internet access. Sat on the phone for hours with very helpful BT people in India, 4 different ones to be precise, to no avail. No internet for me, although the broadband signal was allegedly fine... no wireless access for Vin, no Bt vision TV for Carlo, or indeed anyone in the family. This went on for days. My pooter whizzkid buddy couldn't find anything wrong either, tho Bt insisted it must be a software issue. We checked everything. Tried re-installing windows over the top, but obviously couldn't connect to download anything useful. What a palaver! Eventually decided to order a new Windows disc but even had trouble there as I refuse to buy Vista because of all the probs people have had, and let's be honest, Windows 7 is too new to really know... so it was Windows pro sp3 I needed, and can you find that anywhere...?

Actually, you can. In germany of all places! Anyway, after all sorts of fannying around transferring everything to an external HD, suddenly it all decides to play nicely again!! Grr! I'll still install the new disc when it comes... but honestly - it probably WAS BT all along! How damned annoying. I wasted all sorts of time... blew several gaskets... I could go on, but you get the picture I'm sure.

Anyhow. I'm back. Back with a card for CPS #153

and a pic of the gorgeous (huge) bag of cream and white antique lace and broderie anglais I inherited yesterday! I feel a few LO and cards coming on using some of that!

Happy weekend everyone, thanks for popping in.


Pam said...

I've really enjoyed rading your blog Jake-you're not the only one who can't operate a TV these days!
and like you I'm also starting to enjoy cardmaking more and scrapbooking less..except I'm hopeless at cards and they take me forever!!

jakey said...

Pam.. that's why I follow the challenges lol - makes cardmaking a lot easier i've found :-) xx

Julia said...

Can't believe you two are getting so into cardmaking. I made them for years before I got into scrapping now I find them sooo hard to do. Glad you are back online though Jake an have to say I LOVE that card. x

Paula said...

I refuse to have Vista too. My sister has it & it is just a shed load of fancy graphics nothing more!
Very pretty card & love that bag of lace :0)

Anita said...

Good morning Jake :)
So sorry to hear you had such probs with the connection but really glad you are sorted now. Love the card and that lace is lush, looking forwards to see what you do with it.Have a lovely weekend.
warmest wishes Anita...xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

good to see you on line again. :) *waves*

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