Saturday, February 13, 2010

heart to heart

I've been having a heart to heart with myself this morning. Giving myself a bit of advice. If I was a friend i'd give me a kick up the bum, because God knows I need it. Hopefully some part of me will have listened, and by tonight the mess all around me will have been (at least partially) sorted into some order and I'll be able to move and find things again. I can't use the Robo, I can't use the cuttlebug... even the scanner's buried... it's a disgrace and so am I. How does it happen? No one sets out to deliberately sabotage themselves do they? No one thinks "right, if I just dump all this crap on the side I'll bury all the important stuff and then I can have all sorts of fun searching for my new stamps/best scissors/ paper piercer/ heat tool...."

I mean, I can't even SEE my cuttlebug! It's not like I lost a pair of tweezers... I lost a whole MACHINE for God's sake!

But I'm on it. I am.
I am really really ON IT today!

On a teeny lil corner of my desk... the only part that's visible... I managed to make a card for Daring Cardmakers heart challenge. It's here

And these babies are what I'm going to reward myself with later when all the trash is cleared and I can actually USE them! It's Chinese New Year tomorrow, but we're celebrating it on Monday so I have a little time to make something hopefully. Depending on how the big tidy up goes of course!

Have a great day guys whatever you're up to
more from me tomorrow - I hope! lol :-)


Lythan said...

Love the card Jakey and I do hope you find some fun stuff in your clear up!

Sue said...

PMSL!!!!! You are SO desk is EXACTLY the same dont really think that people have tidy desks all the time surely?
it IS nice when its all tidy but then you just have to mess it all up again coz you need to be creative! mine will be sorted and tidy for 30mins this week too ( mostly coz its half term and i will actually get time) but then i will want to scrap or craft in some way and know it will be a mess!
Those stamps are fab...enjoy!!
love your card too xxxxxx

Kathy said...

ooops! Thanks for making me chuckle at your woes - have you managed to dig yourself out from under all your stuff yet?
I have to keep my cuttlebug on top of the bookcase or it would be buried, and my Robo sits on the end of my pv desk - but I often have to move the stack of accumulated "stuff" from in front of it so that I can use it. I don't know where it all comes from though, do you?

Lynda said...

Oh I do hope your cuttlebug hasn't totally disappeared lol. Anyway that is a totally gorgeous card. Thanks for joining in with Daring Cardmakers this week.

Lynda xxx

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