Monday, March 01, 2010

third month already!-

1st March already... Surely that's not possible?
Where does the time go?

At work we held our third theme day of the year. In Jan we did Burns night, in Feb it was celebrating Chinese New Year, and as I'll be away on annual leave for Paddy's night later this month, I decided to do St David's Day instead. Yellow napkins, daffs on the tables, Welsh food, a quiz, some history of the great man himself - they loved the story of David and the leeks in battle, lol, and a CD of a male Welsh Choir. I can't pretend I don't enjoy our theme days. I think I probably enjoy it more than the oldies, but it is a lot of work getting it right.

Anyway, we've been doing a lot of preparing during craft Club. We made daffodil brooches out of egg boxes for the ladies, and leeks for the gentlemen, out of crepe paper. I've got photos of them all in their daffs etc but obviously I can't put them up here in case the PC brigade see it and come and arrest me ;-0

Here's our Welsh griddle cakes tho - and very nice they were too!

and a few of the daffs and stuff, they did look lovely in them...

And a quick lil card to mark the occasion.

So... I hope all my Welsh friends enjoyed their special day, and hope the rest of you had a fab time doing whatever it was you did today... Me? I'm off to watch the box. I'm knackered after all the excitement! ;-)



Anita said...

Ah Jake, your ladies and gents must treasure you Hun, what a wonderful job you do for them. It sounds ( and looks) like you had a wonderful time. Those Welsh Cakes look yummy and I love the daffs,leeks and the card.


Sue said...

Dereks mum makes the most wonderful Welsh cakes ..your reminds me of them :D

Edleen said...

i'd like some of those!!! and what an adorable card :)

hope you're doing great Jakey and have a fun week!

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