Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is it too late to hibernate?

Blooming weather! I'm fed up of being cold, and I can't wait for my holiday. Totally given up on trying to lose weight for it tho - it's just not the right time of year to starve yourself is it? Today I baked a lovely crusty parmesan and tomato loaf, and we had that with huge bowls of spicy turkey and spinach soup... real stick to your ribs grub!

I'm stll tweaking the old pc after yesterday's operation, but it wasn't as painful as I expected. The new XP sp3 went on fine, although we had to completely format the drive instead of just fixing the prob as we'd hoped. No matter, i got rid of a lot of junk and it's running faster now, but I lost ALL my address book in the process, along with all my links and fave's which for some reason didn't save :-( Just saying, so's you don't expect any funnies from me... not unless you mail me first anyway lol.

Haven't had much time to craft, tho you'll notice i've played about a bit with the blog. That black background was doing my head in!

I did makea couple of little cards today - One for Card Patterns, Challenge # 52

And another quickie based on the challenge over at The Sweet Stop - Think Spring!
It's kind of hard to do anything with a 5 month old puppy constantly scrabbling to get on your lap tbh, and this little shadow is never far from my side since she discovered the stairs... honestly, my craft room is tiny enough as it is and now i've had to move a bed (and half her toys)in here it's even worse!

Anyway, hopefully more tomorrow. I've got a bit of a cold and don't feel so great so it's bath book and bed for me I reckon.
Til next time...


Julia said...

I know what you mean about trying to lose weight this weather Jake. I can't do it either. Love the pic of your gorgeous puppy and your card is brilliant!!!

Korin said...

So cute!! Doggie included :). Thanks for joining us at The Sweet Stop!!


suebaru said...

So with you on the weight thing...6 wks today til we go and I seem to be putting it on rather than losing it,I know I'm going to come home and hate the photos!

yyam said... make such cute cards Jakey! Thanks for joining us at CP!

Nancy said...

Beautiful card and great take on the sketch.
Thanks for playing along at the Sweet stop.
Good Luck!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

What a wonderfully creative and beautiful card! Thanks for playing with us at The Sweet Stop!

P.S. My fur babies love to hang out with me while I craft. I have both their beds in there. Plus my cat is never far from me, either.

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