Saturday, February 20, 2010

Total Blowout!

Dear Dear... overeaters anonymous, please contact me, I think I need your help. Ate the mother of all meals tonight... and you know what? it was deeeeelishious!
Seems I am in a rebelious mood. Take note those that need worry.

Two cards today, but it appears I get lazier by the week as I've done nothing else, shame on me.

DCM, Winter Birthday card theme:

Very simple but it's actually quite sweet irl.

And one that I made for my stash of 'might need one days':

On this one I used some of katie's doodles, check out her new designs on the lilypad, she's always got something fab on the go.

My Bargain of the week?
This mini spidery tripod - makes photographing cards so much easier! Guess how much it cost?

99p! Gotta love those pound shops eh?

Pray for me tonight pls, got a man coming to wipe and install a new OS tomorrow... Talk about jelly legs! I'm terrified!


Lythan said...

Wow that is a bargain! I'll have to go a hunting now. Love the two cards, they are both so cute. Thanks for sharing your winter wonder with DCM :)

Maria said...

Fab cards.

We have a 99p store now so will have to go investigate.

Only been in there once since it opened but it is a real little treasure trove.

Happy Saturday xxx

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